Concrete Wheel Stops

Our concrete wheel stops are installed to keep vehicles within denominated parking areas and surrounding areas. These help guarantee that vehicles are restricted to within their allocated boundary within a parking area – preventing damage to buildings, sidewalks, kerbs and landscaping. Inside your facility, they serve as bumper cushions and protection for motorized carts, forklift trucks and vehicles utilised on factory and warehouse floors.

Perfect for any retail, commercial, business, municipality parking lots as well as garages. wheel stops are an important barrier fixture which also serve to mark parking spots and ensure proper containment of vehicles.

Australian Made Wheel Stops

Manufactured in  JR Safety & Supplies’ Wetherill Park yard from high strength reinforced concrete, our concrete wheelstops are very durable & maintenance free.

  • Two standard sizes, 1650mm x 150mm x 100mm and 2000mm x 220mm x 125mm with rebates to prevent water pooling.
  • Available in plain or sealed concrete, Pre-painted in safety yellow (or any custom colour), or with a ‘Class 2’ black/yellow hazard strip.
  • Can be custom printed, such as: ‘Disabled Parking’, ‘Parents with Prams’, ‘Reverse Parking’, ‘Front to Kerb’, ‘Rear to Kerb’, ‘Small Car’, ‘Reserved’, ‘Your Company Name’, ‘Police’, ‘Ambulance’, ‘Deliveries’, ‘Director’, ‘Staff Parking’, ‘Customer Parking’, etc.
  • High quality & strength and manufactured to be compliant with AS/NZS 2890.01:2004

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Sydney Based Wheel Stops Manufacturers & Installers

Australian Standards require that wheel stops should be installed wherever it is necessary to limit the travel of a vehicle maneuvering into a parking space. We are comprehensively recognised for rendering an excellent finish and service on numerous wheel stop installations in Sydney.

Wheel stops are the easiest and most affordable way to control car parking and prevent damage to vehicles, building fabric and animals from vehicular overrun. Wheel stops are available in recycled rubber, plastic or concrete. Wheel stops can also be used in factories and warehouses and anywhere vehicular overrun needs to be controlled.

Our Quality Assurance

We are comprehensively recognized for rendering an excellent finish and for our client-focused approach. We have completed many such projects in and around Sydney. JR Safety & Supplies are well known in the industry and are committed to providing hi-quality supplies for our customers.  JR Safety & Supplies are professional, friendly, reliable and we have extensive knowledge of our trade. We can advise you on paint specifications, application methods, finishes and textures for your project.

  • Fully trained and experienced personnel.
  • Time flexibility.

Our Staff are highly experienced and offer quality workmanship in a style that is both quick and effective.

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