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A long experience in all aspects of Linemarking & Traffic Safety


JR Safety & Supplies has been providing quality car park line marking and safety supplies throughout NSW for years.

Line Marking

JR Safety & Supplies is one of the leading Line Marking Companies in the advancement and implementation of Line Marking and safety solutions in Sydney, NSW.

Wheel Stops

JR Safety & Supplies specialises in the manufacture and installation of high quality locally made concrete Wheel Stops.


JR Safety & Supplies can cater for a large range of bollards for use in car parks and warehouses. We have the expertise to provide you with the right safety solution for your environment.

Speed Humps

If you are reading this, it is likely you have identified a speeding problem on your premises and would like to know what options are available to address this. Well, you are at the right place.

Why JR Safety & Supplies?

JR Safety & Supplies is one of the leading Line Marking Companies in the advancement and implementation of line marking and safety solutions in NSW. We are specialized in the application of all aspects of line marking such as waterborne paint, audio tactile line marking (ATLM), raised pavement markers (RPM’s) and paint removal in and around NSW.

From standard hand operated units to automated thermoplastic equipment, we have the equipment, skill and relevant experience to accommodate any size project.

We also provide a full range of carpark fixtures and surfacing services such as asphalting, concreting, kerb and gutter, rubber wheelstops, speed humps, barriers, height bars, convex mirrors and lane markers. We also manufacture, wholesale and install our own brand of concrete wheelstops and bollards.

JR Safety & Supplies is a family owned and operated line marking company. We are experts in our trade and strive to deliver value to our clients. Through tailored project management and a commitment to the application of advanced equipment and products we promise an exclusive service on every job. We provide services to the suburban, metropolitan and country areas of New South Wales.

In keeping with the ’round the clock’ nature of the roadwork industry, we employ a strong workforce that is able to respond promptly to our clients’ demands.

RTA approved line marking paints

Fully trained and experienced Line marking Specialists
Fully insured and OH&S compliant
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